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Black, Gray, Slate

Point 01:着れば着るほど差が付く首リブ何度も首を通すものだから、首リブの強度はマスト条件。製造工程で手間をかけ、頑固に縫い付けたダブルステッチがその願いを叶えています。

Point 02:糸を極めれば、生地が極まる洗濯を重ねると生地が毛羽立つ原因は、実は”糸”にあります。一般的な「カード糸」から短い繊維を取り除いた「コーマ糸」を使用することで、毛羽立ちを軽減。さらに、肌ざわりがなめらかな美しいTシャツに仕上がります。

Point 03:悩みの種、洗濯縮みを軽減縫製前の生地に、水洗いとタンブル乾燥を施した「防縮加工」を取り入れることで、製品の洗濯後の縮率が平均3%程度に安定。洗濯を重ねるがためのシルエットの変化を極力抑えています。



綿 100% コーマ糸
アッシュ:綿 98%、ポリエステル 2%
オートミール:綿 98%、ポリエステル 2%
ミックスグレー:綿 90%、ポリエステル 10%






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The best T-shirts for "365 days a year daily wear" can only be worn for a long time to see the difference.

Point 01:Neck ribs that make a difference the more you wear it The neck ribs must be strong, as it is something that you pass your neck through many times. The double stitches that are made during the manufacturing process are the best way to achieve this.

Point 02: Mastering the threads will make the fabric more durable. By using "combed yarn," in which short fibers are removed from the common "carded yarn," the fluffiness is reduced. This reduces fluffing, resulting in a beautiful T-shirt that feels soft against the skin.

Point 03:Reduction of shrinkage after washing, a source of concern By incorporating an "anti-shrinkage process" in which the fabric is washed in water and tumble-dried before sewing, the shrinkage rate after washing is stabilized at an average of 3%. This minimizes changes in silhouette due to repeated washing.


100% cotton, combed yarn
Ash: 98% cotton, 2% polyester
Oatmeal: 98% cotton, 2% polyester
Mixed gray: 90% cotton, 10% polyester

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Please check your order before purchasing, as there are many order errors.