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風呂敷 -Furoshoki- 

W100cm × H100cm

color:2 Colors

唐草 D.Green

暗黒 Black

お風呂に入る際に他人の衣類に紛れないよう自分の家紋の入った布に脱いだ衣類を包み、お風呂からあがった際には足下に敷いてその上で身支度をしたことから、風呂(で) 敷(く) という名がつきました。



Made in JAPAN.





Origin of furoshiki〜
When taking a bath, you would wrap your clothes in a cloth bearing your family crest so that they would not be confused with other people's clothes. So it was named Shiki.

Furoshiki can be wrapped freely without being constrained by the size or shape of the object to be wrapped.
It can be used to wrap clothes (clothes or snow wear) or carry snow accessories (goggles, gloves) to the slopes, and it can be folded into a small size when not in use, and has the advantage of being light and easy to carry.

In recent years, it has been revisited as an eco-bag or as an item for disaster prevention, and it can be arranged in various ways, so please think about how to use it yourself and enjoy the original usage.

Made in Japan.


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